Most witches focus on the moon cycles in their magick. They often look up to the stars and observe the different moon cycles to decipher when to perform certain spells. However, we are so focused on the moon cycles and the influences on witchcraft, we often forget that the sun has energies that act in a very similar way. While the moon cycles occur over several months, the sun cycles happen within a few hours.

Sunrise - also known as dawn. Much like the new moon, this phase is all about new beginnings, changes, health, employment, renewal, resurrection and finding the right direction. It can also be very cleansing.

Morning - Similar to the first quarter or waxing moon. It is a great time to focus on growth, rising, change, and expanding the positive energies in your life.

Noon - Or high noon. The "full moon" phase of the sun. This is the time when the sun is at its brightest and warmest where health, physical energy, wisdom and knowledge work best with magic. A great time to charge any magical tools to give them that extra power.

Afternoon - This is the start of the waning phase for the sun. The sun is heading back down, and the energy now is good for working on business matters, communication, clarity, travel, exploring and anything professional.

Sunset - The last phase of the sun cycle and often seen as the 'golden hour' for solar magick. As the sun takes itself off down below the horizon, work magic for removing depression, stress and confusion, letting go, releasing or finding out the truth of a situation.