Agate, Banded Protection, restores bodily energy and eases stressful situations
Agate, Black Protection, wear for courage and successful competitions.
Agate, brown Success, victory, wealth
Agate, red Healing, calming, health, spiritual love of good, peace, longevity
Adventurine, Green Mental powers, gambling, healing
Amber Luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love
Apache Tear Protection, luck
Asbestos Protection
Bloodstone Halting bleeding, healing, victory, courage, wealth, strength, power, legal matters, business, invisibility, agriculture
Calcite, orange Protective, energy
Carnelian Protection, peace, eloquence, healing, courage, sexual energy
Chrysolite Wisdom
Citrine Anti-nightmare, psychism, protection, emotional stability, steadiness
Crystal, Quartz Protection, healing, psychism, power, lactation
Diamond Spirituality, protection, courage, peace, healing, preventing nightmares
Flint Protection, healing, divination
Garnet Healing, protection, strength
Goldstone Money
Hematite Healing, grounding, divination, protection
Jasper, red Healing, protection, health, beauty
Lava Protection
Obsidian Protection, grounding, divination, peace, confidence, strength, productivity
Onyx, White Protection, defensive magick, concentration, sadness, separation
Onyx, Black Protection, defensive magick, concentration, sadness, separation, brings nightmares
Opal Astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power, confidence
Rhodocrosite Energy, peace, love
Rhodonite Peace, anti-confusion
Ruby Wealth, protection, power, joy, anti-nightmare
Sard Love, protection, courage, facilitating childbirth
Sardonyx Protection, courage, marital happiness, eloquence, peace, luck
Serpentine Protection, lactation
Spinel Energy, money
Staurolite Protection, health, money, elemental powers
Sulfur Protection, healing
Sunstone Protection, energy, health, sexual energy
Tiger’s Eye Money, courage, protection, energy, luck, divination
Topaz Protection, weight loss, healing, money, love
Tourmaline, red Energy, protection, courage
Zircon Protection, beauty, love, peace, sexual energy, healing,