Bee Balance, Blessings, Community, Growth, Healing, Life, Patience, Productivity, Psychic Energy, Rebirth
Coyote Trickster, Reluctant Hero, Playfulness, Adjustability, Adaptation, True seeing, Creativity, Paradox, Shape shifting, Wisdom
Dragons Psychic Ability, Fearless, Passionate, Magickal Ability, Ancient Wisdom, Adaptability, Nobility, Sense of Humor
Fox Adaptability, Cleverness, Guidance, Longevity, Messenger, Nobility, Protection, Quick Thinking, Strategy, Trickster, Wisdom
Horse Pride, Nobility, War, Independence, Life and death, Travel across time and space, Trusting relationships, Service to others and self
Ladybug Fertility, Love & Romance, Happiness, Luck, Manifestation of Goal, Progress, Renewal, Sacred Feminine, Sweetness, Wish Fulfilment
Lion Courage, Dignity, Ferocity, Generosity, Honour, Justice, Loyalty, Passionate, Royalty, Self-Confidence, Strength, Territorial, Wisdom
Mantis Awareness, Balance, Creativity, Direction, Energy, Healing, Intuition, Meditation, Patience, Power, Reflection, Serenity, Silence, Stillness
Phoenix Rebirth, Transformation, Immortal, Power, Coherent, Imaginative, Protective, Balanced, Hopeful
Robin Beginnings, Clarity, Competitiveness, Growth, Happiness, Hope, Illness, Language, Learning Future, Luck, Movement, Pioneering, Pleasure, Rejuvenation, Renewal, Satisfaction, Simplicity, Voice
Scorpion Protection, Life, Death, Survival, Adaptation, Motherhood, Third Eye, Psychic Gifts, Judicious Sentencing
Shark Comprehension, Family Safety, Personal Power, Leadership, Work Ethic, Advancement, Past Life Awareness, Transformation, Shape Shifting, Independence, Bravery
Snake Balance, Creativity, Cunning, Cycles, Elusiveness, Fertility, Fluidity, Healing, Immortality, Patience, Power, Primal, Rebirth, Transformation, Transmutation, Wisdom
Tiger Action, Camouflage, Confidence, Courage, Determination, Devotion, Energy, Ferocity, Independence, Passion, Perfect Timing, Perseverance, Power, Sensuality, Silence, Solitude, Willpower