There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information on the internet on what a fire witch actually is. If you look up “Fire Witch” on Google or any of the major search engines, you’ll find that it has been lumped together with the Elemental Witch who works with all four elements (fire, air, water and earth). So, what is a Fire Witch?

A fire witch is one who works exclusively with the fire element. Her spells involve candle magick, sun magick and pyromancy (candle reading). In addition, she’ll also work with flowers, herbs and spices that involve the fire element such as sunflowers, stinging nettles and cayenne powder.

As well as creating fire, a fire witch must know how to control fire as well. She delves into the science of the fire, understanding its movements, what keeps it alight and what it takes to extinguish or contain it.

In this section, I will venture to gather enough resources to share with you. Please be aware that this information will be in table form.