Unlike the Pagan Wheel of the Year which only has 8 sabbats, there are 24 Chinese solar terms.

These solar terms were originally used to help guide farmers with their harvests and are still used today to an extent. The following chart has been written for the Northern Hemisphere. The dates are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere.


Solar Terms


2020 Dates


Spring Starts

立春 – Li Chun

Feb. 4th

Rain Water

雨水 -Yu Shui

Feb. 19th

Awakening Insects

惊蛰 – Jing Zhe

Mar. 5th

Spring Equinox

春分 – Chun Fen

Mar. 20th

Clear and Bright

清明 – Qing Ming

Apr. 4th

Grain Rain

谷雨 – Gu Yu

Apr. 19th


Summer Starts

立夏 – Li Xia

May 5th

Grain Full

小满 – Xiao Man

May 20th

Grain in Ear

芒种 – Mang Zhong

Jun. 5th

Summer Solstice

夏至 – Xia Zhi

Jun. 21st

Slight Heat

小暑 – Xiao Shu

Jul. 6th

Great Heat

大暑 – Da Shu

Jul. 22nd


Autumn Starts

立秋 – Li Qiu

Aug. 7th

Limit of Heat

处暑 – Chu Shu

Aug. 22nd

White Dew

白露 – Bai Lu

Sep. 7th

Autumn Equinox

秋分 – Qiu Fen

Sep. 22nd

Cold Dew

寒露 – Han Lu

Oct. 8th

Frost’s Descent

霜降 – Shuang Jiang

Oct. 23rd


Winter Starts

立冬 – Li Dong

Nov. 7th

Light Snow

小雪 – Xiao Xue

Nov. 22nd

Heavy Snow

大雪 – Da Xue

Dec. 6th

Winter Solstice

冬至 – Dong Zhi

Dec. 21st

Slight Cold

小寒 – Xiao Han

Jan. 6th, 2021

Great Cold

大寒- Da Han

Jan. 20th, 2021

More information on the solar terms can be found here.