I am a full-blooded Chinese fire witch but I was born in the UK and raised in Australia.

There was a time when I was ashamed of my heritage. My upbringing was such that my culture was thrust upon me without the option of exploration. It came to the point that I didn’t want to have anything to do with my heritage because it had given me some fairly unpleasant memories.

I started to getting into witchcraft in late 2019 and things began to change. I slowly started to accept who I was really was. I’ve always had a fascination and respect for Mother Nature and much of my artistic inspirations are drawn straight from nature. It wasn’t until recently I made a realisation that has given my spiritual path more purpose – my Chinese birth name (林静宁; pinying: Lín Jìngníng) literally translates to “Forest of Tranquility”.

Yes, my upbringing wasn’t entirely pleasant but I have always had a fascination with the mystical folklores in Chinese culture . I grew up learning about the legends behind the various Chinese festivals and deities. In fact, one of my favourite stories of all time is based about fantasy and popular folklore, Journey to the West (西游记; pinyin: Xī Yóu Jì).

Now, I spend much of my time not only learning the ways of the Craft, but also re-introducing myself to the mysticism of Chinese culture and folklore and incorporating it into my practice.